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Let's do a little Q&A

Emily Hanson1 Comment
Let's do a little Q&A

Get to know me! I asked you guys on instagram to ask me anything for a Q&A post and you guys did not disappoint! I got A LOT of questions about dating so I am going to separate that into another post. But holy smokes are there lots of other things you all wanted to cover. Might as well hop right into it!

Who is your fashion icon?
This is a tough one. I think as a plus size chick it’s hard to find one person to follow. I take influence from a lot of different places!

Best places to thrift?
If you are one of the hundreds of people who have messaged me on instagram you know I will tell you the Goodwill on University. The regular one not the outlet! I also love the Salvation Army downtown Minneapolis on 4th St. Otherwise known as secret target! And then plus size specific there is no secret I love Cake Plus Size!

What are your top 3 thrift finds of all time?
My gold trunk is number one always! I love that thing. Followed closely by my all time favorite denim jacket. I put it on and I knew it was made for me. It is truly my dream jacket! Sorry if this one isn’t super exciting for you but it is my favorite thing ever. And last but not least would be my first record player I ever owned. It was vintage and beautiful and worked for so long. I still miss it all the time!

Accepting and processing mental health? How do you do it?
I am going to do a much larger long post about this in the future BUT for now I leave you with this. We get to do life one time. Don’t fight what you can’t change. You don’t need to be fixed. Take the knowledge of your diagnosis and work with it. Not against it.

Has social media impacted your mental health in a positive or negative way?
I love this question! I would say it has gone both ways. There are times where I look at my feed and think what am I doing? Nobody cares about any of this? Why are you doing this? And that will fuck with me sometimes. I don’t think that is a result of social media though. Usually when I get into a place like that it is a result of something else going on. On the flip side when I am in a shitty place I know I can turn to my little community on this tiny app and know I am going to be lifted back up. There is a safety net there that I am so grateful for.

What is a quote or piece of advice you have in your head to keep you motivated?
It depends on what we’re talking about. I have always said to myself let things make you better not bitter. If we’re talking about the gym then I usually just remember what it feels like when I’m not feeling my best and that’s what I need. That and I crank Lizzo :)

How do you get motivated to go to the gym?
It took me a loooong time to get there. Almost 30 years long. But it all comes down to the reason for going. When I was just going to try to lose weight and it come from a sense of shame I never went. Ever. It would maybe be good for a month or 2 but not after that. Now that I am going because I know how much it effects my mental health I don’t have too much of an issue about it. I know that going is what is best for me and I am to the point now that I have made myself the priority. My health both physical and mental is what I care about it right now. Now to hope that sticks haha

What is your degree in?
I actually went to college for music which is so weird now. Another person who uses nothing they went to school for haha

How hard is it to start keto?
Alright I am going to be super honest. It was HARD to start. Give yourself room to mess up and learn. I only learned through trial and error. Do lots of reading and research and then find out what works for you! Also at the beginning track everything! Carbs are hiding in everything so if you don’t track it all the beginning I can almost promise you it wont work.

Where do you find keto recipes?
Pinterest! And a Facebook page called Lazy Keto for Women! That has been a huge help.

Top restaurants in the twin cities?
SO. MANY. Hola Arepa. 4 Bells. Dark Horse. Spoon and Stable. Young Joni (don’t sleep on the back bar), Smack Shack.

What’s your ideal way to spend a day off?
I love this question! I would get up early (who even am I any more?) and lay in bed and snuggle Luna. Then slowly get ready and go get brunch with friends. I might take a drive up to see my nephews. Drink lots of good beer. Maybe adventure to a new brewery outside of the cities? And end the night doing karaoke with all of my friends!

Favorite place to travel?
I want to go everywhere. I love adventuring new places. Top on the list of places I have been is Seattle, Austria, Italy, and Palm Springs. I feel like that doesn’t even scratch the surface?? What are your favorite travel destinations?

What is your daily facial routine?
Kiehl’s is my jam! I actually don’t really have a constant routine I just use the toner and moisturizer everyday. It’s done wonders for my skin! I love the Rare Earth cleansing mask and use that about once or twice a week!

What is your self care routine?
This depends. If I really need self care then I am going to shut off my phone. Not talk to anyone. Pour a glass of wine. And watch Harry Potter. It works for me! Mostly I usually just need to be disconnected from everyone for a little bit.

Wow that is probably way more then anyone ever needed to read about me. I saved some more for other posts I have planned but I don’t know if you’ll ever need anymore info about me :)