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1 turtleneck 5 outfits

Emily Hanson1 Comment
1 turtleneck 5 outfits

I am never going to be a blogger that doesn’t wear the same thing twice. Not only is that financially insane but I also try not to participate in fast fashion as much as I can. As a plus size lady that isn’t always easy but I try. SO because of that I have to shop my closet as much as possible! It makes me get creative with what I already own and push myself to make new outfits. It’s one of my favorite things!

If you follow me on instagram you know how much I love my Universal Standard turtleneck. It only makes sense that it gets its own blog post! Let’s chat about all the ways I love to wear this beauty.

This is my “I want to wear my over sized ripped jeans but don’t want to look like a trash monster” look. It might actually be my favorite way to wear it!


Then there is a lazy girl way to get dressed in the morning which is a common occurrence for me and that’s just wear one color! Black on black forever! Throw on a fun shoe and consider yourself a fashion icon.


There is also something super satisfying about blending your thrift finds with new pieces. Like this amazing blazer I found in the mens section of salvation army. It’s still one of my favorite finds ever. I could possibly wear this combo every day and feel super chic every time.


I fell in love with this pinafore dress and the second I saw it I knew it would be the perfect dress for an outfit I had in my mind. Do you ever picture something in your head and then get to excited when you can actually pull it off?


Ok this one is just for fun. I was Steve Jobs for Halloween. But make it fashion :)


Alright that’s all I’ve got for now. Let’s see how many other ways I can wear this bad boy in the future :)

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