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Scottsdale Arizona Travel

Emily HansonComment
Scottsdale Arizona Travel

It is currently dumping snow while I write this blog so it is safe to say I am dying to go back! I don’t know how you function but I need a mid winter escape to keep my sanity and this year it came in the form of Scottsdale Arizona! It truly couldn’t have been a better trip and I am so excited to share it with you! I am going to be honest this vacation was full of everything we all needed. Beer and pool time. We spent most of our time at our amazing airbnb so this one is short but sweet.


First things first let’s talk flights. They are the most expensive part of a trip typically and the reason most people don’t travel. That’s where the Hopper app and Minneapolis Flight Deals comes in handy! I stalk both of these on the regular to watch for cheap flight to places I want to visit. Our flights were roughly $130 round trip! You can’t beat that! Also it is a direct flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix on Southwest which we all know has amazing flight prices without sacrificing comfort. So if you don’t follow @minneapolisflightdeals (and @thriftytraveler which is all part of the same thing) I highly recommend following them immediately!

So now let’s talk about where the hell you stay. I am a an avid Airbnb booker and I haven’t stayed in a hotel in years! I love having a kitchen so I can cook some of my own meals and save some dollars on food. We also traveled as a group of 12 so we needed a place to accommodate us all. If you ask any of us we will all tell you we were obsessed with our house! It had plenty of room for us all and the pool was perfect. If you plan on traveling to that area anytime here is a link to our house. I can’t recommend it enough!


Besides our pool the other place we spent the most time was Old Town Scottsdale! If you were to go inside my brain and find my dream place to walk around and shop this is exactly what it would look like. Guys it is basically an entire area dedicated to turquoise jewelry and everything southwest print! It’s like my apartment on steroids and I was in total heaven. There are also a few breweries tucked into this area which only made my love grow bigger. We went to a couple and after one taste immediately Goldwater Brewing was my favorite. I am fairly judgey when it comes to craft beer at this point because we are so spoiled with amazing beer here in Minnesota and these guys really rivaled some of my favs at home. The other breweries served me beer so I am not mad at them but they just weren’t anything to write home about. If you’re in the area stop by and have a beer for me!


The last thing I recommend isn’t an attraction or brewery or restaurant. It’s finding a group of friends you can travel with. These guys are what made the trip (and my birthday) so great. We already have our next trip booked and I can’t wait!